My 2016 goals


Few weeks ago I used some Facebook app to tell me what awaits me in 2016. The result was pretty awesome. What more could I wish? Unfortunately most of those things don’t just happen so I decided to create my 2016 goals out of this (still hope for the lottery win though ;))


Well, not sure how much I can do about this so I won’t count it as a real goal. I am now focusing on preparing me my own healthy meals, taking care what ingredients I use, trying new things and looking for better alternatives. I also exercise a lot so I hope it’s gonna be enough.

I started this year on antibiotics because of bladder inflammation and pneumonia which started on Christmas eve. The best Christmas and end of a year ever. I couldn’t exercise, in fact I could barely walk, was coughing the whole day and night (I noticed my abs strengthened a bit :D) and lost taste for food (lost two kilos, unlike most people during this period). So let’s hope this was the most serious illness this year.

Toned body

I began with my running about four years ago to lose the extra pregnancy weight and I fell in love with it. Since last year I started to run more often and also added other types of exercise like TRX, core training or circuit training. I also started to visit Nike Training Center classes which focus on running techniques and balancing muscles for runners. I love it.

Together with the change in my eating habits, I hope this is the right way to the toned body. At the moment I have 53 kilos and some unwanted fat which I want to transform into nice muscles. So, to make the this goal SMART, I want to have 50 kilos or less with nice toned muscles without extra fat by the end of 2016.

Well, to make it even SMARTER, I am thinking about visiting some fitness and to pass some fat/muscles ratio test and calculate the real goal based on that.


To add one extra goal, I want to finish (and survive) half marathon this year. So far my longest run was 11 kilometers, so this will be more than twice more. But I can do it, still have lots of time to train. So the goal is to finish half marathon in September (I already chose THE One).

Great love and domestic happines

It’s hard to do anything about this as well but I decided not to just sit and wait and contacted one dating agency in Prague. It’s called “Single v Praze” (means Single in Prague). They have a specific approach of meeting all their clients personally and then trying to match them based on their own experience with the clients. Will see how this goes. And the goal? Find the great love of course πŸ˜‰


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