2016 – Training diary Week 1

From Christmas eve I was suffering from pneumonia and bladder inflammation. I had to stay at home, take antibiotics and cure myself and couldn’t do any physical activity for almost three weeks. Moreover, I bought me new awesome trail running shoes two days before Christmas to be able to run in winter. The whole three weeks I was going around them and couldn’t wait to go for a run again.


Finally on Wednesday January 13 I did my first workout this year, yay! As there was terrible weather outside and I didn’t want to test my immunity, I decided to go to gym. I ran 5 kilometers in 33 minutes which surprised me, I thought it was gonna be worse. Than I did some TRX, core training and long stretching. In the end I went to sauna for 15 minutes. It was just awesome!

On Saturday I finally did my first outdoor run. In my new shoes! Such indescribable feeling! I went with my friend who helps me to train. This time he came up with pyramid intervals. Ha ha! It was about 5 centimeters of snow and still snowing outside and temperature around zero. The training was hell, I thought I was gonna die but I was glad to actually try something different. We ended the training with a slow run to the place where we started and in the end it was 8.6 kilometers in 1h 9mins.  When I came home I did some abs exercise and push ups and took well deserved very long and very hot bath. Such well deserved pleasure 😀



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