2016 – Training diary Week 2

On Monday it was heavily snowing the whole day. From the morning I was looking forward to going for a snow run. Right after I came from work I took my running clothes and my awesome and beloved shoes on and went for it.

From the beginning I was avoiding the roads as they seemed pretty slippery and to be honest, running in the snow is much more fun! I was enjoying the whole run and in the end it was 6,42 km mostly in the nearby park, in 44:22 mins with average pace 6:54 mins/km. I felt really happy again.

On Thursday I went for my regular indoor training with a trainer Lukas . At the beginning we did the running alphabet and then some core training and some kind of circular training. This time we also did pull-ups. I almost couldn’t feel my arms the other day and on Saturday as well 😀

On Saturday I was at my parents in south Bohemia. It is very nice area and my parents have their house right next to a forest. It was snowing the whole night and morning and all was covered in beautiful white blanket. Well, can you resist running in these conditions? I couldn’t.

I started in the forest and then came to nearby ski slope. Oh well, as I was in a great mood I decided to run up and see how much I was able to manage. In the freshly fallen snow it was hell but I managed more than half of it what made me happy. After that I had to walk a bit but then started to run again and went back home. In the end I found out it was ONLY 2,7 km but it felt like 10! The total time was 23:18 mins with average pace 8:28 mins/km.

In the afternoon, when it stopped snowing, we took Ema for skiing. As she was not yet able to use the lift, we had to lift her up the hill ourselves. Now that was another part of my training as she weights 17 kilos now and me and my dad were switching in lifting her up and running with her down..and again…and again…and again…


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