Czech transplant community

Few moths ago I was writing about establishing some community of people with transplanted organs and people around them. Back then I thought I had to start from scratch but it turned out that there already exist some smaller or bigger groups who try to put these people together.

At first I found the web page (in czech only) which seemed to be about transplanted people doing some sports (obviously). However, all the articles were 12 and more months old. So I decided to contact the person, who was signed under the pages, Martin Turek, if he agreed to cooperate and run the web (and associated facebook profile) together.

I was glad that he replied my email prety fast and was glad that I contacted him. He said that he somehow lost power and will to run the web just himself. That he tried to find someone who would cowork with him on it but was not successful to he just lost the taste to do it. However, when I wrote him and wanted to help him and cooperate with him, he found it again. And so we started to write articles, update the FB profile and tried to reach more and more people.

After some time, when the article about me was released, I received a contact to Tomas Drevikovsky from Czech transplant team (CTT). CTT is a nonprofit organization which unites people with transplanted organs who like to sport and who participate in European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships and World transplant games.

They wanted to contact me as they saw the article about my running and thought that I might become valuable member of their team which pleased me a lot. So I decided to join them.

None of these two groups/organizations/communities is exactly what I wanted to create, however, it is a good beginning and I believe that it is a good starting point. I believe that now it will be a lot easier to bring people with similar problems and dreams together.



Run Tour 2016 – Prague

Yesterday I went for another race after a long time. It was run from the series Run Tour and it took place at Ladronka, my favorite park in Prague. You can decide between 5 km and 10 km run. When I got the Run Tour Master title in 2015 I ran only the 5 km race but this time I decided to go for the longer ones. So 10 km it was.

It was a beautiful sunny day (too much for me to be honest). At 10:20 was race 500 m for kids born between 2010 and 2016 where Ema was also running. All the way to the park she was telling me that she is grown up already and that this time she wants to run alone again (she did for the first time in June in Budějovice, before always my mom was running with her). My grown up daughter.

She was running very nice and I could see on her that she was enjoying it. She finished the race in 3:09 and was totally happy that she managed to finish it herself. I know it is a short run but I was really proud of her and very happy for her.

My run was starting after lunch so after Ema finished I had lots of time to meet my friends from Bajecne zeny v behu and talk to them a lot. I also had a great but totally unhealthy snack (sausages with ketchup and bread, yummy!).


The run was starting at 1 pm and I believe that at that time it was the hottest weather from the whole day. It felt like million degrees and I was really afraid of it. The first three kilometers were pretty much ok as we were running in shadow and little bit downhill but then it turned to the sunny side and also uphill. The worst possible combination.


Fortunately there were many people cheering for us and it was really helping me a lot so I didn’t even walk, just slowed down  a bit. The real crisis came after 4th kilometer as I started to feel really overheated. So I tried to walk a bit and fortunately I started to feel better.


Fortunately the 6th and 7th kilometers were in the shadow again so it felt much better. The rest of the run I kept telling myself that its only 3..2..1 kilometer to the finish so I just can’t walk! And I didn’t and moreover I speeded up a bit at the very end and I was totally happy and totally exhausted.


This time it was probably the first time I felt good during the whole run regarding my breath and my legs. I could really feel that I was training enough before. The only real problem was the terribly hot and sunny weather. So my goal to finish the 10 km run under 60 minutes was not reached but I don’t give up!



2016 – Training diary Week 23

Oh well, posting late but better late than never, no?

My classic Monday afternoon – taking Ema to her gymnastics training and going running. Weekly routine which I really enjoy. On Monday, June 13th again. I wanted to run some longer run as I didn’t manage to do so during the weekend. It was pretty hot but cloudy and from time to time even few drops fell down so it felt very good. When I finished my classic run which is around 5 kilometers, I was wondering which way to continue as I didn’t want to run away from the car. And so I decided to discover the close area. It was pretty fun trying to run as far away as possible, as fast as possible but not getting lost at the same time. I think the map of the run speaks for itself:


Well, in the end I did 7.5 km in 50:36 mins and had a great feeling.

On Wednesday, June 15th I decided to go for a morning run because there was no other time available for it as we were having team building dinner in the evening. The first two kilometers felt very good but from the third I started to feel that something was not good. I started to feel very weak and a bit dizzy so I better decided to run back home. I even had to walk the last 50 meters as I wasn’t able to run anymore. I ran 3.47 km in 24:30 mins.


I took a shower and had a breakfast which made me feel a bit better but still it wasn’t good. I had an appointment with my doctor because of the blood thinning control later that morning and so I decided to go there and I wanted to go to work after.

However, after the control I started to feel very weak and I also started to feel herpes on my lip which always means that my body fights with something. So I decided to go home instead. As soon as I came home I went to bed and slept for several hours. When I woke up I felt ill. So I just stayed in bed the whole day and just watched movies and was trying to get get better. And I did the same also on Thursday.

On Friday I already felt better so I went to work but I still wasn’t 100% well. I started to be afraid of the Saturday run as I really wanted to go there. So on Friday night I dosed myself with all possible vitamins, pills and teas against runny nose and cough and was hoping that everything will be fine.

On Saturday, June 18th was the day of the most beautiful run in my life. It was called Behej lesy Karlstejn. To explain, behej lesy means Run forests and Karlstejn is one of the most famous castles in Czech republic located in a very beautiful nature.  The run was through the nature around the castle and one part was also through quarry Amerika which is normally closed but was opened just for this run.

There were many Wonderfull women (and men) in run:


Everyone was very excited before the run:


The official picture from the run at the Amrika querry:


And the happiness after the run (high five with my daughter):podobehu

And it was like this:


2016 – Training diary Week 22

Monday, June 6th. Ema had her gymnastics training again today so I had almost two hours time for my running. I didn’t know how it’s gonna be and if my legs had enough recovery after the Saturday race but I decided to try.

Very soon I found out that the legs were not recovered enough and it was very, very painful run. I guess I should have waited one more day, but Ema has her training on Monday so I didn’t have much choice.

Anyway, I managed to do 5.47 km even with some up hills running and despite I had terrible time, I was pretty happy about the run. Now I need to give my legs longer recovery…those almost three days until training with Lukas on Thursday should be enough.IMG_0486


Thursday, June 9th. Today I was supposed to go to training with Lukas. Unfortunately because of my ex-husband who forgot to bring me my bag with running clothes as we agreed, I had to change plans. So I went home and decided to go for a run in order to prevent killing him. As I was full of anger, the run was very good and pretty fast 😀 I even tried some nearby scoops and stairs and also did some fartleks and just tried to do some stuff I normally don’t do. It felt very, very awesome and it helped me to get rid of my anger and actually made me happy in the end even though it was only 4.27 km.



Saturday, June 11th. Today I wanted to do the last longer run before next week 12 km race, the goal was around 8 km. It was perfect weather around 15 degrees and very slightly raining when I started. I ran my usual route through a nearby large park but on the way I decided to run up a heap that is in the middle and I never had the courage to try it. So I did this time and I loved it! It is very steep and full of bushes and small trees so it is actually fun looking for the right path. When I crawled to the top I thought I was gonna die but the view totally amazed me. I decided to go there every time I run through the park and always manage to run more and more and the goal will be to once run it to the top. Something like Rocky had his stairs, I will have my heap 😀


Unfortunately running up the heap took me more strength then I expected and my legs started to hurt soon after so I decided to shorten the run and in the end it was only 6.63 km but I had very good feeling from it.

When I came home I did some abs exercise including plank, 15 push ups and some short exercise with 4 kg weights. Today I really destroyed me, awesome!

2016 – Training diary Week 18, 19, 20 & 21

Yeah, one post for 4 weeks. I know I used to write one post for one or max two weeks but this time there was not much to write and also I was pretty busy. During the week 18 (9th May – 15th May) I didn’t exercise at all. No running, not weigh lifting, nothing.

The following week I decided to try to go to training with Lukas on Thursday, May 19th and see what happens. It was great and I felt great so I decided to try some run again soon. At the training we were doing the running alphabet again, then some interval running and in the end some exercises to improve the running technique and also some exercises with our own weight. This time I tried to track how much we approximately run during the training and the result was 5 km, nice! I looked like this:


My muscles were strained the following three days, so I wasn’t able to go running, but it was great feeling and totally worth it.

I went for a run the following Monday, May 23rd. I started to use the time when my daughter is on her gymnastic class and I have almost two hours time for myself. The run felt very good despite I felt that my condition was not as good as before. But I felt joy from the running and was totally enjoying it the whole way. IMG_1534

I wasn’t able to go for another run until Saturday, May 28th and so I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately the weather was terrible, it felt like running in sauna and I managed only 4,35 km and even during this short run I had to walk a lot. Few hours later strong storms with thunders and lightnings came.IMG_1535

And finally the last week. I had a 10 km race planned on Saturday so I had to take at least one run during the week. I found some time on Wednesday, June 1st and so I went. I knew it was the last run before the race and so I wanted to try how much I could run. The weather was pretty good but I was a bit tired from work. Anyway, in the end I managed more than 6 km run and was convinced that I will manage to finish the Saturday run. With no time ambitions.IMG_1536

And the the D day came. Saturday, June 4th. Me and my father were signed for a Half Marathon in Ceske Budejovice but we were supposed to run so called 2Run (relay) which means that the half marathon distance was split between us – I was running the first 10 km and my dad than continued the following 11 km.

From the beginning I didn’t have any time ambitions as I was not training enough and after all those health issues I was just happy that I can actually run. The weather was so so, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes even raining.

From the beginning I was for no specific reason feeling very good and full of energy. The crowd forced me to run faster than I wanted and I was afraid that I would regret it later but I didn’t! Ia have to admit that I had to walk few times to catch my breath again but overall I had a great feeling from the run and I was really enjoying it. Even more with the people cheering around the streets. It felt just awesome.

At the end of my run, there was waiting my dad to get the relay stick from me and we ran the last 50 meters together and than he continued with his part. How surprised I was when I found out that I finished the 10 km run in my personal best! It was 1:02:05 with average pace 6:15 mins/km.

And moreover, I finally managed to finish 5 km under 30 mins! So I did my personal best on two distances at once. That was just the best feeling in a long time and I was really enjoying it. So the next goal is to finish 10 km under 1 hour 🙂

Me, my dad, my uncle and my cousin


2016 – Training diary Week 17

This week I didn’t do any exercise. After my run on Saturday many people who also suffered from thrombosis in the past told me that it was not good idea and that I shouldn’t run or exercise yet. Just walk. So I was walking as much as I could but I didn’t exercise. Mostly around 10k – 12k steps per day.

The worst side effect of not running or exercising, besides the fact I am gaining some extra weight, is, that I am having depressions. yesterday it hit me very hard and I was barely able to get out of bed because of toilet and food. I don’t have depressions very often but when I do, it’s pretty tough. Mostly it happens when I stop doing physical activity.

And therefore today, on Sunday 8th May, I decided that I will better die earlier but happy that I can run and overall do things that I like than living longer life full of depressions and sadness. It might be weird thoughts but whats the life worth if it’s long but empty?

So in the evening when the sun was almost down, I went for an awesome run. Nothing long just 4.27 km but I felt so awesome that I can’t even explain. And it was not bad at all, with regard of the fact that I am almost not training at all, I finished the run in 26:50 mins which means the pace was 6:17 mins/km, which is great! It looks like the less I train, the better I run! 😀



2016 – Training diary Week 15 & 16

On Tuesday, April 19th I did exercise from Jakub again but modified it a bit. I did about 1500 jumping jacks and then some weight training. Unfortunately my leg started to hurt after the training, hopefully my muscle will not be damaged. I will have to rest tomorrow.

And here it comes again. On Wednesday my leg was a bit better but in the evening it started to hurt a lot and I wasn’t even able to sleep at night. So I decided to go to doctor to check if my muscle wasn’t hurt somehow and ask how to treat it correctly. Well, the doctor surprised me when she took a look at the leg and said that it is bigger than the other and that she had suspicion for thrombosis. Awesome I thought to myself.

So I went to hospital and they took my blood for some tests and. After about an hour they told me that the blood results were not explicit and so they better sent  me to sonograph of my veins. And guess what! It was there. Fortunately the doctor told me the vein was not blocked completely and some blood was still flowing there but still, I was diagnosed with thrombosis.

As I was taking lots of pills and of course, because of my transplanted kidney, the doctors decided to keep me in the hospital despite it is not very common. They said the they better wanted to watch me closely. Great.

So, I was in a hospital. Again. This time in another hospital, called Motol. They took away my hormonal bith control pills (forever) and were treating me with injections ans pills thinning my blood. Of course my low carb diet was gone as well as they don’t have anything like that in the hospital, so I was eating food very high on carbs.

Anyway, they released me after one week and told me that I had to continue with the pills treatment at least next three months depending on the results of a check in two months when they will repeat the veins sonograph. At least they told me I could exercise and also told me I could go back to low carb diet as it had no impact on the blood thinning process.

On Saturday, April 30th I tried my first run just to find out how it felt. And it felt awesome! I did only 4 km and felt totally exhausted but the leg didn’t hurt and I felt really good during the whole run. Total time: 4,14 km in 27:18 mins.

IMG_0351 (1)

2016 – Training diary Week 14

On Monday, April 11th I started to follow low carb diet together with prepared training from one of well known czech trainers Jakub Bína . For some people he might be controversial but people have great results with him and I saw one big change on one woman from Wonderful women in run. So as I am always opened to new things, I decided to try this. The first day was the whole day fasting. I know this very well already, so no big issue for me 😀

He also told us to try to do as many burpees (without push ups) as we could in 15 mins. I managed to do 125 and than almost died. But it was great feeling.

Tuesday, April 12th continued on low carb diet and I did 10 mins circular training according to Jakub’s video. It included some planks, mountain climbers and other exercise with my own weight.

On Thursday, April 14th I went for my regular training with Lukas. It was great, we were doing alphabet and some core training and Lukas was filming us. However, after this part, we were supposed to run intervals as we did last time. 200m walk, 200m fast run and unfortunately during the first run I got cramp to my right leg. I made a short pause and tried again but the same problem appeared after few meters of running. Unfortunately it was probably again the result of the low carb diet.

When I came home I was looking for some advice from people who were on the same low carb diet program as me what to do and they advised me salt. So I took salt and the cramps stopped. Great, I finally know what to do!

On Saturday, April 16th I ran my second race this year. It was RunTour in České Budějovice. Me and my dad ran 5 kilometers. I love the atmosphere of this race serial, many Wonderful women in run always meet there and overall the organization of the run has very high standard (and very handsome moderator :D)

Anyway, I finished the race in 32:48 mins and was pretty happy because of the lack of training and also because of the tiredness from the low carb diet.

On Sunday, April 17th I woke up with lots of energy despite I was expecting hurting legs and tiredness from the race. I decided to do some short training just to get rid of the energy. I spent 25 mins on stepper and than did some weight training. Together it was more than one hour exercise and I really really enjoyed the shower afterwards 😀

2016 – Training diary Week 12 & 13

During the last two weeks I was more or less suffering from depressions and exhaustion. The more I slept the more tired I was and wasn’t really able to do write anything here. Hopefully it will be better now. So here is a “short” summary of my exercises during that period.

On Tuesday, March 29th I started with two weeks carbs intolerance test . I wanted to test if all the weird feelings and head aches I had after eating sweet food was caused by intolerance or it has some other cause and I also wanted to improve my diabetes. Last but not least, I wanted to lose some weight and improve my running performance. For all these aspects the test sounded great for me.

I didn’t have much problem following the rules as I eat lots of meat, cheese and other allowed stuff. And I was really amazed by the fact that during the diet I didn’t have any craving for sweets. Actually I didn’t have any craving at all. And I felt very good. Till the end of the second day. At Wednesday night I woke up with terrible and strong cramps in my whole legs. It was very intense and very painful. As I knew that I was using enough magnesium, I decided to take some carbs and I took sweet yogurt with fruits from the fridge and small Kinder chocolate. In about 15 to 20 minutes the cramps were gone. Well, this was very VERY weird experience.

I must say that it probably caused the depressions that came after because I was really hoping that this diet could help me with several problems and I was only able to follow it for two days. I was feeling very bad mentally so I better took home office for the following two days.

On Thursday, March 31st I tried to go for a run to improve my condition a bit and I was only able to run 3,7 km. My running always get worse if my mental condition gets worse, but at least I forced myself to go out and do something.


On Sunday, April 3rd I tried to run again in my favorite park Ladronka. I like it there because most people go there to do some sport activity. But it was terrible again, just couldn’t force my legs to move and just didn’t have any joy from the run. Depressions are really terrible stuff they don’t even allow you to do stuff that you normally like and that makes you happy…IMG_1340

Tuesday, April 5th I already felt better mentally so I went for a run again. It was only 4,2 km but I had again that joy from running and the run was at least pretty fast, so I was happy.     IMG_1341

Wednesday, April 6th I was supposed to pick up my daughter at my ex-husband and I lent him my car the previous day as his was being repaired. So what was I supposed to do? Run of course! If it wasn’t for crossroads where I had to wait for the green light, it might have been pretty fast run. It made my day so much better! I like morning runs more and more.


On Thursday, April 7th I went for my regular training with Lukas. This time it as really great one. Of course we were doing some running alphabet but he was also explaining us how to use feet, ankles and other parts of the body properly to improve our running style and in the end we were running intervals – 200 meters fast, 200 meters walk. I loved this! The other day my legs hurt pretty a lot 😀

On Friday, April 8th I went for yoga class instead of lunch. After many years. What surprised me was, that I was the only one there. Oh well, private lesson, not bad. The teacher (in fact kind of famous woman here in Czech republic – Katerina Kornova) was explaining me how to the asanas correctly and I was really enjoying the whole class a lot. Will definitely go there again soon. Hopefully I will find time to go there regularly.

I must admit that after few days of exercise I really needed relax so on Saturday I was really not exercising at all, moreover I went to sauna. It was not very relaxing mentally as I am really not used to be naked next to other naked strangers but I felt that it was very good for my muscles so I stayed there for 2 hours. I am not sure I will ever go there again though.

On Sunday, April 10th I tried to run again but I could totally feel that my muscles still hurt so I made it just short and relaxing run.


2016 – Training diary Week 11

I really did rest on Monday. I spent the afternoon with my daughter and then took long hot bath with relaxing music in the evening. And so I was full of energy again on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 22nd. I wanted to find out if I am able to run slowly. I heard on several forums people talking about loosing weight and getting into better condition when running slowly. So I tried.


I have to admit I was not very successful. It is true that sometimes I run the first kilometer even under 6 mins/km but anyway, I wanted to run around 7 mins/km the whole time. On the other side it surprised me that I managed to finish 5 kilometers in 30:57 mins so it was just close to my long time goal – make it under 30 mins. Well, I have another race in more than 3 weeks so I really really hope I will make it there! It’s a real challenge for me now 🙂

Overall I ran 8,02 kilometers in 53:28 mins. I will have to try 10 kilometers sometimes soon to see if I am able to do it.



Thursday, March 24th. I went to training with Lukas finally again after so many weeks. It was great! Only two more people there but great atmosphere. We did the running alphabet at the beginning as always and then some crazy planking and after that also hanging on our hands together with some hanging leg raises. I couldn’t feel the upper body the whole following weekend. But that’s what I love!

Friday, March 25th. I was travelling with my daughter to my parents by train. It normally takes around 3 hours so I was expecting to be exhausted and just relax. But! It was such an amazing weather that I just couldn’t stay at home. Moreover I managed to convince my dad to come with me. We decided to run up one hill close to our house to find out out how good/bad our condition was. Haha, that was real torture for both of us. When we finally crawled to the top we almost died.

I wanted to continue further so we didn’t finish the run after 2 kilometers and convinced my dad to continue with me. He is not much of a runner, he likes riding bike or playing squash more but he agreed. So we ran another about 2 kilometers and went home.


Sunday, March 27th. On Sunday I asked my dad if we could go for a short ride on a bike. It was awesome sunny weather and I wanted to change the activity for once. He agreed and so we went. I was really enjoying the awesome nature in South Bohemia. We managed to ride 34.97 km and to be honest the last five kilometers were very very painful. On Monday I could hardly work. But I have to admit that I was kind of proud because I didn’t expect I could make it this many kilometers. Can’t wait for the next trip!


Overall this week was pretty active. I think I will do the next one a bit more relaxing so I don’t cause me some injury or illness again.