Run Tour 2016 – Prague

Yesterday I went for another race after a long time. It was run from the series Run Tour and it took place at Ladronka, my favorite park in Prague. You can decide between 5 km and 10 km run. When I got the Run Tour Master title in 2015 I ran only the 5 km race but this time I decided to go for the longer ones. So 10 km it was.

It was a beautiful sunny day (too much for me to be honest). At 10:20 was race 500 m for kids born between 2010 and 2016 where Ema was also running. All the way to the park she was telling me that she is grown up already and that this time she wants to run alone again (she did for the first time in June in Budějovice, before always my mom was running with her). My grown up daughter.

She was running very nice and I could see on her that she was enjoying it. She finished the race in 3:09 and was totally happy that she managed to finish it herself. I know it is a short run but I was really proud of her and very happy for her.

My run was starting after lunch so after Ema finished I had lots of time to meet my friends from Bajecne zeny v behu and talk to them a lot. I also had a great but totally unhealthy snack (sausages with ketchup and bread, yummy!).


The run was starting at 1 pm and I believe that at that time it was the hottest weather from the whole day. It felt like million degrees and I was really afraid of it. The first three kilometers were pretty much ok as we were running in shadow and little bit downhill but then it turned to the sunny side and also uphill. The worst possible combination.


Fortunately there were many people cheering for us and it was really helping me a lot so I didn’t even walk, just slowed down  a bit. The real crisis came after 4th kilometer as I started to feel really overheated. So I tried to walk a bit and fortunately I started to feel better.


Fortunately the 6th and 7th kilometers were in the shadow again so it felt much better. The rest of the run I kept telling myself that its only 3..2..1 kilometer to the finish so I just can’t walk! And I didn’t and moreover I speeded up a bit at the very end and I was totally happy and totally exhausted.


This time it was probably the first time I felt good during the whole run regarding my breath and my legs. I could really feel that I was training enough before. The only real problem was the terribly hot and sunny weather. So my goal to finish the 10 km run under 60 minutes was not reached but I don’t give up!




2016 – Training diary Week 23

Oh well, posting late but better late than never, no?

My classic Monday afternoon – taking Ema to her gymnastics training and going running. Weekly routine which I really enjoy. On Monday, June 13th again. I wanted to run some longer run as I didn’t manage to do so during the weekend. It was pretty hot but cloudy and from time to time even few drops fell down so it felt very good. When I finished my classic run which is around 5 kilometers, I was wondering which way to continue as I didn’t want to run away from the car. And so I decided to discover the close area. It was pretty fun trying to run as far away as possible, as fast as possible but not getting lost at the same time. I think the map of the run speaks for itself:


Well, in the end I did 7.5 km in 50:36 mins and had a great feeling.

On Wednesday, June 15th I decided to go for a morning run because there was no other time available for it as we were having team building dinner in the evening. The first two kilometers felt very good but from the third I started to feel that something was not good. I started to feel very weak and a bit dizzy so I better decided to run back home. I even had to walk the last 50 meters as I wasn’t able to run anymore. I ran 3.47 km in 24:30 mins.


I took a shower and had a breakfast which made me feel a bit better but still it wasn’t good. I had an appointment with my doctor because of the blood thinning control later that morning and so I decided to go there and I wanted to go to work after.

However, after the control I started to feel very weak and I also started to feel herpes on my lip which always means that my body fights with something. So I decided to go home instead. As soon as I came home I went to bed and slept for several hours. When I woke up I felt ill. So I just stayed in bed the whole day and just watched movies and was trying to get get better. And I did the same also on Thursday.

On Friday I already felt better so I went to work but I still wasn’t 100% well. I started to be afraid of the Saturday run as I really wanted to go there. So on Friday night I dosed myself with all possible vitamins, pills and teas against runny nose and cough and was hoping that everything will be fine.

On Saturday, June 18th was the day of the most beautiful run in my life. It was called Behej lesy Karlstejn. To explain, behej lesy means Run forests and Karlstejn is one of the most famous castles in Czech republic located in a very beautiful nature.  The run was through the nature around the castle and one part was also through quarry Amerika which is normally closed but was opened just for this run.

There were many Wonderfull women (and men) in run:


Everyone was very excited before the run:


The official picture from the run at the Amrika querry:


And the happiness after the run (high five with my daughter):podobehu

And it was like this:


Vysoké Tatry (Slovakia) 2016

After a long time I visited Slovakia again. Since my husband was from Slovakia, I used to spend a lot of time there in the past but since we got divorced I haven’t been there for a long time. So when my friend Jana offered me to go there with her and some other friends, I happily agreed.

As the departure was early in the morning on Wednesday, September 7th from Blansko, which is a small town near Brno, Jana offered me that we could sleep at her mom’s place in Brno. So on Tuesday, right after work,  I traveled from Prague to Brno.

Jana picked me up at the station and one of the first things she told me was not to touch anything as in Brno there is huge epidemic of  hepatitis. Awesome! Especially for someone with transplanted kidney. I was trying not to touch anything but in a overcrowded public transport it was pretty much impossible.

Therefore when I first met Jana’s mom in her flat I apologized not to shake her hand as I had to wash my hands first. I met her for the first time despite we have been friend with Jana for ages. It was very nice meeting and her mom was very friendly. So we talked and talked, had dinner and talked, then had some green tea and talked and then went to bed as we had to wake up early the following day.

Day 1 – Wednesday, September 7th

On Wednesday we had to travel by train from Brno to Blansko which took around half an hour and then I met the first of Jana’s friends Renata, who picked us up at the train station. When we arrived to the bus that was supposed to take us to the mountains, we met many (for me) new people.

At 9 am we officially started our journey to the mountains. I must say that despite we were traveling around 9 hours with few stops for toilet and lunch, it was passing by very fast. Maybe the fact that I was most of the way playing my favorite games and listening to music on my ipod helped it a lot 😀 I actually got addicted to for me new game Plants vs. Zombies, if you don’t know it yet, you should try it.

Around 6 pm we finally arrived to Tatranská Lomnica where our  Hotel Titris was. Me and Jana were supposed to share the hotel room so we picked up the key and went there. I liked the hotel from the beginning, it looked nice, the room was big enough for two people, it had it’s own bathroom and toilet and very nice view. What else do you need?

Well, in my case it’s food. I need good food and lots of food (unfortunately). When we came to the restaurant where our dinner was being served, I was surprised, there was lots of various kinds of meals, soups, fruits, vegetables, salads, sauces, pastry, name it…And everything was delicious. I was happy.

During the first dinner I met people who decided they will make a group and will be going hiking together. “The leaders” were a couple of mountain veterans Vlasta and Jiří, who were both 70+ and were very nice. Then there was Renata and others, together we were group of 10 people

Day 2 – Thursday, September 8th

In the morning I woke up at 6:30 and it surprised me how fresh and rested I felt. Well, probably mountain air. I loved it. So me and Jana prepared, went for a (huge) delicious breakfast and joined the rest of the group.

We started our first trip with taking the cable-railway from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté pleso. The view was just amazing. It took around 15 minutes and then finally the proper hiking started. Jiří and Vlasta had great idea that the first day we will do just gentle trip as we don’t know each other’s condition so just to prevent someone not being able to finish it.

As I said, we started at Skalnaté pleso and went to Hrebienok. The nature, the view, everything was just amazing.

As I had to buy lots of stuff for hiking right before the trip, I was afraid if everything will be ok. I also had shoes which looked good and were pretty expensive (Salomon) but I had them on just twice before and so was a bit afraid if they will fit even in these conditions. But I must say it really surprised me how comfy they were and together with the new trousers, bag, cap, jacket it made this trip even better.

I was also very happy for the group. We were from 16 to 78 of age but none of us saw a problem in it during the whole stay in Vysoké Tatry. I would say the very opposite. We always had million things to discuss, always had fun, and were laughing a lot.

When we came to Hrebienok, we decide to have some small refreshment and to take rest. Most of us had kapustnica which is a traditional Slovak soup made of sour cabbage, sausages and tons of other ingredients. I totally love this soup so I decided to have it as well. It was pretty good but not as good as my mother-in-law used to cook.

When we were stuffed and rested, we decided to continue. The next target was Sliezský dom.  The way from Hrebienok to Sliezský dom was really uphill and full of big stones we had to climb up and down so despite passed only around 10 – 12 kilometers, I already started to feel my hurting legs. So when we came there, I was more than happy and was glad that we could sit, despite it was very windy and cold there.

I had an orange juice and power bar which really helped me a lot and then we were able to continue again. As some of us wanted to go to spa in the evening, we decided to take shorter route to the train in Starý Smokovec. It took us probably around 1,5 – 2 hours (by the way in Vysoké Tatry the distances are always displayed in hours not in kilometers) to get there and then we took the train to Tatranská Lomnica.

Overall we did around 18 kilometers in 5,5 hours with 648 meter incline. Not bad for the first trip. As a reward, we went for a great dinner and after that we went to spa which was part of our hotel and each guest got one entrance for free. So we were really enjoying the swimming pool, whirlpool, toboggan and even sauna. When I came to our room, I just touched the bed and slept immediately.


Day 3 – Friday, September 9th

During the dinner on Wednesday we decided that on Friday we will do the most difficult hike so Jiří and Vlasta suggested to go to Bystrá Lávka. I had no idea what hell was awaiting us.

In the morning we started with train going to Starý Smokovec where we changed for another train to Štrbské pleso. There it was very nice but it was clear that it is touristic place as there were many people and stands with souvenirs etc. I bought the postcard there for my grandparents.

At the beginning there was a huge map where Jiří was showing us where we were going.

The first target was waterfall Skok. We were walking pretty fast as the way was quite pleasant at the beginning and not really hard.

It all changed when we came to the waterfall and someone said “Do you see those little dots above the waterfall? Those are people who climbed it. And we are going to do it as well.” Aha…

It was terrible climbing and at before the top I had to use the chains for the first time in my life to be actually able to climb it. I was scared as hell but I managed and then it was awesome feeling.

And then we saw this…


…I don’t know how it was called but it was very beautiful. So we made another short brake and then continued. Our next target was Čapie pleso but as we met few mountain lakes on the way, I am not sure which one it was exactly. Anyway, all of them looked awesome and I had strong urge to jump to any of them.

Despite it was really hard route, the views were just amazing and totally worth it.

But the real hell was only about to start…


…never ending climbing to Bystrá lávka when I had to catch my breath after each 5 steps..I honestly thought I wouldn’t make it and really wanted to give up. However, it is not possible to give up there because where would I go? Back? Haha…

So I endured and managed to climb to the very top where again the chains were waiting for us and then I managed to cross to the other side of the mountain! (I was totally unable to take any pictures, might add them here if I get any from others). I was so happy at that moment that I actually did it! Unforgettable moment for me.

Our next target was Chata pod Soliskom. More or less it was downhill the whole time but to be honest it was not much better then climbing up. My legs were already totally destroyed and I think in one moment I was even in some stage of purely switching legs and forcing them to move.

When we came to the house, I was barely able to walk so I decided to use for the last part the cable-railway again, this time towards Štrbské Pleso. I was totally exhausted and was afraid that something might have happened to me. I was watching the others walking along the cable-railway.

I must say that despite taking the cable-railway for the last part, I was pretty happy and proud about how much I managed to walk and climb that day. I gave it maximum I could. Overall it was around 16 kilometers in 7 hours.


Day 4 – Saturday, September 10th

As we all were pretty destroyed, we have decided to take it easy the last day and wanted to go from Popradské Pleso through Štrbské Pleso to Starý Smokovec. It was pretty easy and very nice walk with lots of talking, discussing and laughing.

On the way we visited Symbolický cintorín which is a place dedicated to people who died in the mountains. Despite it is very nicely done, it is pretty sad as most people who are mentioned there were young when they died.

When we came to Popradské Pleso, each of us had some small refreshment (well, small..depends…I had a large portion of chocolate pudding, someone had sweet dumplings with fruit and someone baked duck with cabbage and dumplings 😀 ). Then we slowly turned back and headed to Strbské Pleso.

At Štrbské Pleso we took the train to Starý Smokovec where we decided to have some sweet end of the trip. So we ended up in a local sweetshop and were really enjoying it.


Then we decided that we actually were not walking enough that day and so we decided to walk from Starý Smokovec to Tatranská Lomnica to use the gained calories. It was around 6 kilometers and it was very nice and relaxing fast walking. The whole trip was around 18 kilometers in 6 hours.


When we came to the hotel we ate the huge dinner and decided to go to wellness again, despite this time we had to pay for it. But it was totally worth it.

Day 5 – Saturday, September 10th
The previous day we decided that me, Jana and Renata would go running in the morning just to enjoy the mountain air and atmosphere. So we woke up at 6 and went for it. When we started, after few hundred meters we split as each of us wanted to run different way. But in a very short time after that I met a deer in the middle of the street. I feel really sorry for not taking picture of it as I never saw this animal from such a close distance and to be honest I was really scared so I just turned around and continued the opposite way.

Anyway, I managed to run a bit more than 4 kilometers in 33 minutes and was really happy that I forced myself and went for it.


As this was our last day, we left the hotel after the breakfast. On the way we stopped at one farm where almost all of us were buying some cheese products or fresh baked sweets and pastry.

And I totally fell in love with the animals there…

The rest of the journey was not very pleasant as I was travelling very long in really hot and sunny weather and came home at around 9 pm which means that I was travelling almost 12 hours. Next time we agreed with Jana that we might take a direct train from Prague to Poprad.

Next time? Yes, definitely next time because I loved this few days vacation. I really liked the people, the atmosphere, the mountains and last but not least the challenges that mountains offer. If I am able to come, I will come here next year again.


This feeling has been my friend for some time now. Approximately from the beginning of this month. Why? I have no idea. It was supposed to be exactly the opposite as last month was pretty good and I even made my record in the amount of ran kilometers and I was looking forward to going to my parents for vacation that started on 1st of July. We planned with my dad that we would go running and cycling and do lots of things.

The vacation was pretty good, my parents have cottage at Lipno, which is the biggest water reservoir in Czech republic and it is surrounded by very beautiful nature.  It was a bit cold, cloudy and sometimes even rainy during the first few days but then it was great weather so we were going for walks, mushrooming, swimming to the lake or just relaxing at the garden. But even though everything was fine, I felt somehow nervous. I can’t tell why.

I am always very tired at the beginning when I come there probably because of the air change. I call it oxygen poisoning. And so I was sleeping and just doing nothing a lot. I even didn’t have mood to go running. And I was eating all that awesome tasty but unhealthy food my mom was cooking. Which resulted in gaining some weight. Not much, like two kilos maybe but I was definitely not happy about it. But still wasn’t able to do anything. Some kind of laziness jumped on me.

When I came back, after 3 hours of terrible travel by train in 36 degrees, I started to feel depressed. I came to my flat and started to cry. Heavily. It was very weird as I didn’t understand what was going on. I suddenly started to terribly miss my daughter and I also missed my parents and I just wanted to turn around and go back to the cottage.

And since then I feel like crap. I feel said, despair, unhappy, don’t have mood or strength to do anything. It gets a bit better when I am at work as I have lots of things to do and also there are many people and sometimes they smile and tell jokes and do funny things so it makes me feel way better, but as soon as I leave the office I start to feel bad again. I feel very lonely, weak and tired. I just come home, switch on TV and watch whatever is there till about midnight and then go to bed. I haven’t been running for more than two weeks now, haven’t exercise, actually I haven’t been doing anything else then just working and watching TV the last week.

I wanted to go to Lukas’ training on Thursday and was really looking forward to it as I was hoping it would start my better mood again. But unfortunately just few hours before the training I started to feel dizzy, even felt like having higher temperature and started to have head ache and almost lost my voice. So I probably got cold from the air conditioning and also found out that I got my period. I just felt very bad so instead of going to the training, I decided to go home earlier. When I came home I just took some painkillers and went to bed. What an bad coincidence.

It also didn’t help to hear about the events in Nice or in Turkey…what the hell is going on with this world? It was never safe but it is getting worse and worse.

Anyway…this post is almost about nothing and I just feel terrible…don’t know why I am even writing this.


Movie: San Andreas

San Andreas on IMDB

I don’t like men with too big muscles. It looks so unnatural and sometimes also unhealthy to me, blah. But there are few exceptions. One of them is The Rock. Actually, he is probably not using this name anymore, now he is using his real name, Dwayne Johnson, but I first heard about him and saw him when my ex-husband was watching wrestling and that’s why he will always be The Rock for me. Anyway, I like him no matter what he calls himself.

Today I was feeling a bit blue and so I decided to watch some movie and what’s better for your bad mood than watching handsome men? Well, in fact one man only, but in his case it is more than enough.

So, the movie had really good beginning that made me laugh. A girl driving car and doing all the stupid things like reaching for something to the back seat, checking messages on her phone that most people were expecting to lead to a crashing scene. But it didn’t happen. She continued driving until she got accidentally hit by a rock falling from a collapsing hill. Ha ha, well done.

Other scene that made me laugh was, when the professor was having presentation about the earthquakes and then the camera turned to the students who were in dark and you could just see all those Apple signs shining on their laptops. Product placing is still popular.

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil everything, so overall the movie is about series of big earthquakes that strike in California. Raymond Gaines, chief of rescuers, is getting divorced with his wife Emma and they have a daughter called Blake. Blake happens to be in the center of one of the earthquakes and Ray and Emma are trying to save her and on the way they, of course, start solving their personal life, what and why went wrong, etc., just standard cliche.

The movie reminds me of the 2012 movie. Divorced parents, catastrophe, trying to survive, bad new boyfriend of the ex-wife, etc. But anyway, I didn’t expect much from the movie (except lots of muscles which I got) and so I was enjoying it even with the outrageous scene. I was pretty surprised by the actress Alexandra Daddario who playd Blake. She was really sexy…I would be definitely attracted to her if I was a man 😉

The only thing that ruined the end of the movie was when Ben brought her the two necklaces which he claimed that he found ion the boat (but she had it on her neck when was being rescued) and also the huge american flag across the Golden gate bridge…c’mon guys do you really have to put that flag to the end of all movies you make?

Anyway, for me the movie was 5/10.

Book: Richard K. Morgan -Altered Carbon

This book was very interesting for me. The more that I was reading it in a hospital 😀 It is sci-fi and the story is set in the future where human personalities can be stored digitally for example after death, as an punishment etc. The personality can be then downloaded either to the same body or even to different one.

So when people die, their memories are stored and they can be downloaded to a new body (unless their cortical stack in the spine is directly damaged). The problem is that they have to go through the whole ageing process every time because updating the body to the actual age is too expensive and only very wealthy ones can afford, they keep clones of their bodies. The wealthy ones can even afford having their memories in a remote storage and they can be updated regularly. Which means that even if their stack is directly damaged or destroyed, their memories can be still downloaded from the remote storage.

One of these wealthy people is Laurens Bancroft who commits suicide an a way that his stack was destroyed. Despite his memories are downloaded back to one of his clones, he doesn’t remember the last 48 hours as that is the last time his memories were updated. He is convinced that it was not his suicide but that he was murdered.

Therefore he hires Takeshi Kovacs to investigate what exactly happened. Kovacs is former military member (Envoy) who has special training and abilities and is downloaded to a body of a policeman Elias Ryker who is currently arrested. This fact causes him several complications especially while working with a cop Kristin Ortega who was going out with Ryker before he was arrested.

The story is very complicated but sometimes easily predictable. It is also full of technical and medical explanations which sometimes were too much to follow for me. Anyway, despite these little flies in the ointment the book is very catchy, full of very interesting ideas and I liked it a lot. I give it 8/10.



Movie: When a man loves a woman

When a man loves a woman on IMDB

Today I watched the movie again after many years. And I cried. A lot. Basically the story is about a woman Alice Green who seems to have everything – loving husband Michael, two beautiful little daughters Jess and Casey, good job, name it…but in fact she is an alcoholic and the movie is about her fight with this addiction and her return to normal life.

The story is very strong and the movie is full of very emotional moments especially when the kids are involved. And the emotions are being supported not only by excellent performance of Meg Ryan, Andy Garcia and Tina Majorino but also by awesome music like the soundtrack from Percy Sledge or the Everybody hurts song from REM.

For me the movie was even stronger as it made me compare her life to mine in some way because alcoholism is also illness and there were several thoughts that the main character had which I had as well in the past and I realized that she was dealing with so many similar situations as I was or still am sometimes.

Even though this movie is more than 20 years old, it is just awesome and for me it has rating 11/10.

2016 – Training diary Week 22

Monday, June 6th. Ema had her gymnastics training again today so I had almost two hours time for my running. I didn’t know how it’s gonna be and if my legs had enough recovery after the Saturday race but I decided to try.

Very soon I found out that the legs were not recovered enough and it was very, very painful run. I guess I should have waited one more day, but Ema has her training on Monday so I didn’t have much choice.

Anyway, I managed to do 5.47 km even with some up hills running and despite I had terrible time, I was pretty happy about the run. Now I need to give my legs longer recovery…those almost three days until training with Lukas on Thursday should be enough.IMG_0486


Thursday, June 9th. Today I was supposed to go to training with Lukas. Unfortunately because of my ex-husband who forgot to bring me my bag with running clothes as we agreed, I had to change plans. So I went home and decided to go for a run in order to prevent killing him. As I was full of anger, the run was very good and pretty fast 😀 I even tried some nearby scoops and stairs and also did some fartleks and just tried to do some stuff I normally don’t do. It felt very, very awesome and it helped me to get rid of my anger and actually made me happy in the end even though it was only 4.27 km.



Saturday, June 11th. Today I wanted to do the last longer run before next week 12 km race, the goal was around 8 km. It was perfect weather around 15 degrees and very slightly raining when I started. I ran my usual route through a nearby large park but on the way I decided to run up a heap that is in the middle and I never had the courage to try it. So I did this time and I loved it! It is very steep and full of bushes and small trees so it is actually fun looking for the right path. When I crawled to the top I thought I was gonna die but the view totally amazed me. I decided to go there every time I run through the park and always manage to run more and more and the goal will be to once run it to the top. Something like Rocky had his stairs, I will have my heap 😀


Unfortunately running up the heap took me more strength then I expected and my legs started to hurt soon after so I decided to shorten the run and in the end it was only 6.63 km but I had very good feeling from it.

When I came home I did some abs exercise including plank, 15 push ups and some short exercise with 4 kg weights. Today I really destroyed me, awesome!

2016 – Training diary Week 18, 19, 20 & 21

Yeah, one post for 4 weeks. I know I used to write one post for one or max two weeks but this time there was not much to write and also I was pretty busy. During the week 18 (9th May – 15th May) I didn’t exercise at all. No running, not weigh lifting, nothing.

The following week I decided to try to go to training with Lukas on Thursday, May 19th and see what happens. It was great and I felt great so I decided to try some run again soon. At the training we were doing the running alphabet again, then some interval running and in the end some exercises to improve the running technique and also some exercises with our own weight. This time I tried to track how much we approximately run during the training and the result was 5 km, nice! I looked like this:


My muscles were strained the following three days, so I wasn’t able to go running, but it was great feeling and totally worth it.

I went for a run the following Monday, May 23rd. I started to use the time when my daughter is on her gymnastic class and I have almost two hours time for myself. The run felt very good despite I felt that my condition was not as good as before. But I felt joy from the running and was totally enjoying it the whole way. IMG_1534

I wasn’t able to go for another run until Saturday, May 28th and so I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately the weather was terrible, it felt like running in sauna and I managed only 4,35 km and even during this short run I had to walk a lot. Few hours later strong storms with thunders and lightnings came.IMG_1535

And finally the last week. I had a 10 km race planned on Saturday so I had to take at least one run during the week. I found some time on Wednesday, June 1st and so I went. I knew it was the last run before the race and so I wanted to try how much I could run. The weather was pretty good but I was a bit tired from work. Anyway, in the end I managed more than 6 km run and was convinced that I will manage to finish the Saturday run. With no time ambitions.IMG_1536

And the the D day came. Saturday, June 4th. Me and my father were signed for a Half Marathon in Ceske Budejovice but we were supposed to run so called 2Run (relay) which means that the half marathon distance was split between us – I was running the first 10 km and my dad than continued the following 11 km.

From the beginning I didn’t have any time ambitions as I was not training enough and after all those health issues I was just happy that I can actually run. The weather was so so, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes even raining.

From the beginning I was for no specific reason feeling very good and full of energy. The crowd forced me to run faster than I wanted and I was afraid that I would regret it later but I didn’t! Ia have to admit that I had to walk few times to catch my breath again but overall I had a great feeling from the run and I was really enjoying it. Even more with the people cheering around the streets. It felt just awesome.

At the end of my run, there was waiting my dad to get the relay stick from me and we ran the last 50 meters together and than he continued with his part. How surprised I was when I found out that I finished the 10 km run in my personal best! It was 1:02:05 with average pace 6:15 mins/km.

And moreover, I finally managed to finish 5 km under 30 mins! So I did my personal best on two distances at once. That was just the best feeling in a long time and I was really enjoying it. So the next goal is to finish 10 km under 1 hour 🙂

Me, my dad, my uncle and my cousin


Looking for a man. The man.

When I was a teenager I was always dreaming about everlasting love that actually happens on the first sight. When you meet handsome guy, he gives you bunch of roses, kisses you and you know it’s gonna last forever. Yes, I have always been that super romantic type influenced by magazines for teenagers where these situations happen regularly.

I met my husband via internet (ICQ to be precise) and I didn’t like him much until we started to talk via long and intimate emails. I also didn’t like much how he looked like when I saw him for the first time (tall, skinny guy with very short hair and rock clothes – I was Barbie wanna be person at that time).

And yet things turned out the way that we stayed together for 15 years (and most of the time I was convinced we would stay together forever). We went through heaven and hell together and end up divorced but friends. Maybe weird for someone but true. Anyway, this post was not meant to be about my relationship with my ex-husband, yet it has lots to do with the real subject.

When I was in the hospital (again), I had lots of time to think, which can be helpful but also dangerous. Among other thoughts, I was thinking about Lukas (the trainer) and our first meeting. We actually met because of his dating agency, he just wanted to get to know me. Simple. I remember that one of his questions was why I wanted all men that would potentially meet me to know that I had transplanted kidney. It kind of surprised me and I didn’t know how to react.

For me this question was sign of that he had no idea what it meant to have a transplanted kidney but I didn’t know how to explain without actually scaring him. I don’t remember exactly what I answered to him but I still remember that question and from time to time it pops up in my head.

Like it did in the hospital. I realized that probably healthy people are not fully able to understand the ill or in some way disabled ones. I know that in my case being ill is not the correct expression because unless I have some complications like inflammation or pneumonia, I live pretty normal life – I go to work, take care of my daughter, exercise, run, cook, clean…name it. But the difference comes WHEN there is a complication and the real issue is actually in the “what if” and “when it comes to”.

At the moment I am  living pretty normal life. But what if my kidney fails and what my life will be when it comes to going on dialysis again?

Back to my ex-husband. When we met, I was more or less healthy person. During the time my condition was slowly getting worse. Then it became really bad and the first transplantation came. And then the fail. And the dialysis with all the terrible cramps, headaches, depressions. And then the second transplantation. And happiness. But all this was continuous process that we went through together. Sure, we got divorced in the end, but it had nothing to do with my health condition.

And now I am trying to find someone new, who would not only fell in love with me but also accepted my past, current and also future health condition. The problem is where to start? When I meet someone, when and how actually tell him about this situation? When I was with my ex-husband we went through everything continuously. It was just happening on the way but now I am trying it the opposite way. To bring someone to the situation that is actually already happening.

And as I was thinking about it at the hospital, I was thinking about that maybe the best way how to find someone like that might be looking for people who have either similar problems like me or have experienced something similar with their family members or friends or just with someone close. On one side it might be good that they would count with what might happen, on the other side they might be scared to experience something like this again. Who knows. Anyway, the problem is still the same – Where to start?

I tried to look up some community or group of people with similar problem but didn’t find anything so far. So I started to think about creating one which would allow meeting people with variety of disabilities or illnesses who want to live normal life but need help when some type of complication comes. And maybe they also want to find understanding partner who is willing to bear their fate with them and just accept they are not perfect. It is simple to accept that someone is not perfect if you are not perfect as well.

I have no idea if I will be able to create such community and if I am, if it helps me with my problem but I am sure that trying this is way better than not doing anything at all.